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Last weekend I headed off on my yearly jaunt to Supanova Con in Sydney. I guess the best way to describe it is as a mini San Diego Comic Con, but one which gets in about 16 000 people and not 10 or 20 times as many!

I was ridiculously excited as this year was ‘Whedonverse’ Year, with a particular emphasis on the chicks. So we got Eliza Dushku, Summer Glau, Charisma Carpenter and Dichen Lachman. And Mark Lutz snuck in there, too.

I had a VIP pass so I was able to skip the queues for the most part, thank goodness, as they were RIDICULOUS. I was also lucky as the staff were LOVELY and they saved me a seat in the front row for every panel, which meant that the minute I wanted to ask a question, the mike was brought straight over to me. I guess being deaf has its advantages after all!

So, the first day started with some signings, and everyone was lovely. I asked Summer Glau to sign my Miranda Travel Poster, and she’d never seen one before and wanted to see the whole set. Then she wanted to know who made it and the whole story behind them. And she signed it with ‘Serenity Always’, because she is just so freakin’ adorable. I had another chance to chat to her the next day and told her it was unfair that she was so nice as well as talented and beautiful, as I’d really wanted to hate her. And she said “Me? But you’re gorgeous!”
I swear, I felt like I was staring at her like Spongebob, with his hearty eyes of love. I adore her, and possibly in the freaky way where I would totally go gay for her.

Charisma was next, and I thanked her for coming back to Angel to do ‘You’re Welcome’ which was a beautiful way to round off Cordy’s character arc. And she told me she was a bit nervous about her panel and what did I think people were going to ask her? And it sounded like she said ‘ass her’ and I said that and she thought that was a riot and told me to ‘ass her something good’, and I wish I’d recorded it on audio as it was hilarious. And then she signed my ‘City Of’ comic which has also been signed by David Boreanaz and Joss Whedon, and SHE’D never seen one of those before and flipped through it looking for Cordy’s lines!

I’d gotten a Dollhouse DVD signed by Eliza last time I’d met her, so I got her to sign my Faith Sideshow doll, which has been on the top shelf of my wardrobe for the last 5 years. She was really, really in demand, so I just thanked her for coming and said I was enjoying her twitter updates, and she kind of looked up at me for about 5 seconds with this puzzled look and then smiled and said “Oh HEY I know YOU, where’s your little boy?” And I kind of freaked a bit as seriously, my nephew and I spent probably less than 30 seconds talking to her at SDCC 10 months ago, and she REMEMBERED. So that was just, WOW!

I didn’t get anything signed by Dichen or Mark. What?!

Panels! Charisma was first and man, MAN, she IS Cordy! She was a magnificent, snarky bitch and her shoes were these lovely, towering, black stillettos which she said the Olsen Twins designed. She answered a lot of Angel questions, how she signed on to do ‘You’re Welcome’ BEFORE knowing Cordy was getting killed off, or she’d have rethought it otherwise. She hates season 4 and how they made Cordy evil- that got a BIG cheer. Her contract specified if Angel tanked, she could go back to Buffy. And she didn’t want to get any more tattoos as she didn’t want to look like one of Jesse James’ mistresses and what hobags they were and how dare he cheat on Sandra? She was WONDERFUL.

Mark did a panel next and they only told the people with my pass about it, so there weren’t many of us there. He is SO FUNNY and regaled us with tales of his college days and what it was like to grow up in Canada (he said it sucked, which made me love him forever!)

I was super lucky as my ticket gave me access to 2 exclusive panels, the first one was with Dichen and Eliza and it only had about 40 people there. We really got into the gender politics of ‘Dollhouse’ and the nitty gritty of the network scheduling. Eliza was really professional though and felt it had been a blessing to get 2 years working with people she loved, and she has an exciting project that is about to be announced that is going to be a lot ‘lighter’, and we will love it. Dichen said that Joss thought she was this huge pop star in Australia and that she had imposter syndrome for the first few weeks on the ‘Dollhouse’ set, as she thought he may have signed her on thinking she was someone else.  (Photos below are from my W-obsessed friend Andrew, BTW)

Summer had her individual panel that afternoon, and she was great and very humble. She was amused that in the US, she gets recognised mostly for T:SCC and her tiny role on Big Bang Theory, but outside, it’s all Firefly, all the time. And someone asked her about ‘Waiting in the Wings’ and about Joss’s ‘Serving Girl’ movie that he’s been talking about for years. (NB It was me!) The script is done but he keeps changing it all the time and it’ll probably never happen unless he pulls out a camcorder and shoots it on the spot. So, that was Saturday.

The first real event on Sunday was the private panel with Charisma and Summer. And they were like ‘Um, Australia why are we even in a panel together?’ and it was pretty funny. So I asked them to tell me their favourite/most defining character moments, and Charisma’s is where Cordy kisses Angel in ‘Birthday’, and Summer’s is where the doors open in the ‘Serenity’ movie and River is standing among a pile of Reaver bodies with blood dripping all over the place. And that it took 2 days just to film that moment as Joss was so particular about it. And then Charisma said ‘Why, what’s yours?’ and I told her mine was where Cordy died. And then when River went all voyeur on Simon and Kaylee. And that got a HUGE laugh! Also, Charisma said Joss just ‘fell in love’ with Summer on the ‘Angel’ set, and she could see straight away his mind was racing away with stories for her. And Charisma told us that she used to steal her costume underwear off the set as she didn’t want anyone taking it and selling it online, and that she still does that to this day- LOL!

Eliza did her individual panel next and someone asked a femslash question- she ships Buffy/Faith as they’re total opposites, and their fighting scenes are terribly hot, but thinks Faith/Willow is kind of cute, too. And her fave epi is ‘Bad Girls’. And she was only ever supposed to be in 3 epis, which I had kind of forgotten, and she DOES keep up with the comics and was defending Faith’s honour to Joss all the time, and suspects there are some abuse issues in her past.

I didn’t stay for Dichen’s panel as I wanted to go to my BFF’s house and get in my monthly baby holding quota before the 3 hour drive home, but I got a ‘Whedonverse’ pic with all of them, in which I look TERRIBLE as they are all like, size 2 and TINY (even Mark!).
But, here-

And I got a pic with Eliza and she looks like she is choking me-

Also, HUB Productions had a booth and I went over to say ‘hi’. And they let me have my AHBL2 DVD, which had only come in the off the production line the night before, so I got to go to my sister’s house on the Saturday night and watch it. And it is AWESOME. (Okay, full disclosure- I didn’t even make it to my sister’s, I pulled over at Maccas and watched the Misha bits on my netbook, and laughed so hard that even the crazy, gun-toting people who hang around fast food restaurants after dark moved away from me.)

Oh, and I was in line for something and this guy came up to me and asked what it was for, and I recognised him as the Castiel cosplayer from AHBL2 Supernatural Con in Melbourne. And we hugged it out and I asked if he’d seen the [livejournal.com profile] renegade  'Eye of the Tiger' con video, and he hadn’t. So we watched it on fone and LOLed at him dancing, and it was just hilarious and very coinky-dinky and he was utterly thrilled.

Lastly, my favourite part of the whole weekend, yes, more than the celebs even. I was sitting on a chair when this emo teenager walked past me and did a double take. And he turned around and full on stared at me for like, a whole minute, and I started to ignore him and then I thought ‘Fuck you’ and gave him the patented ‘teacher glare’. And he came up to me and said in this tiny voice “Um excuse me, are you Miss K?” and I told him that depended on who was asking. And he told me his name was Bronson and said “I think you used to be my teacher,” and I jumped up and gave him a huge hug and I was like “Of COURSE I remember you!” I taught this kid in an 'Outback' town when he was in 4th grade and he was terribly effeminate and fragile. He used to have a pink fluffy pen, a Buffy pencil case, Angel book covers and an aversion to ball sports, which made him my favourite. He’d bring me in cakes he’d baked and a thermos full of coffee and we used to sit down before school started and talk about the Buffy episode which had just aired (Australia was airing S7 of BTVS then) and laugh our heads off. He and his sister had driven out from Broken Hill for the con and he had been looking out for me in the hope I was there. We went to the cafe and had a coffee and a chat and he is 17 now and just ADORABLE- so polite and well mannered. And he said I was his favourite teacher and he thanked me for showing him it was okay to be different and for not letting any of the other kids pick on him back then, and OH, MAN, MY HEART. It was just special and so great to see him again- I was so young back then and unsure of how to even BE a teacher. To find out I made a difference to such a sweet kid was just a real highlight of my life and my career, and not something I’ll be forgetting in a hurry. And now I've made myself tear up a little bit. 

I just have the most amazing luck at cons, I really do! It was all great fun and a nice reminder of how much I loved (and still do love) the wonderful worlds Joss has created. (And today, coincidentally, is his birthday!)

So, who's coming to Supanova next year?! 
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