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Okay con report is coming, and soon, but I am not a person that can just write up ‘Yeah I went to Chicon, here’s the brief highlights, blah blah blah’. Even though I don’t take notes or record panels and I AM half deaf, I have a good recall for the context of what has been said. Usually I can even quote the specific words.

Seriously, my long-term memory is insane to the point where I'm always getting texts from family and friends to the effect of 'Do you know what gift I got my son's teacher last year?' and  'Do you remember  the name of the company that catered your cousin's wedding... 17 years ago?' and I always do. Which is kind of funny because I don't even remember what I even had for dinner last night, but can recall going to McDonald's with my Dad when I was 3. 

So, I was a bit taken aback by what someone said to me in Chicago a few days ago. And I umm-ed and aaggh-ed over whether to say anything on here about it- but here goes.

I belatedly heard at Chi Con that a person at the NJ con, whose really moving entry about losing a friend to AIDS I had actually commented on, had made up the story to get close to Supernatural stars and fans. I felt really sick to my stomach to hear it and I hope that fandom realizes that life has a way of making sure those people ALWAYS get what’s coming to them- karma is a funny thing. Anyway, the same very drunk person who told me about it also said she and some other people felt my past con recounts/personal stories could not possibly be for real. I was blindsided and maybe a teensy bit butthurt, as with me? What you see is what you get.

I have people on my flist who were there with me at both past cons and at the VIP table and the M &G for ChiCon, who are in a position to confirm that every word of the MANY I have to say is 100% trufax. Anyone who has met me IRL-and that’s a great deal of you- will know I’m kinda friendly, I TALK for a living and have always been very good at disarming people. I don’t get star struck OR tongue tied- which is probably a pity- because at the end of the day, celebs are just people. Prettier and richer than us, but I’ve discovered that very few of them are actually even smarter or snarkier. (That damn Misha Collins being an exception to the rule!)

So I just wanted to address that as it was kind of niggling at me and it’s led me to decide to f-lock all my past and future con reports. Please don’t publicly share what I write as by being backstage and through constantly asking questions I was privy to a few pieces of information that certain comms would undoubtedly be delighted to discuss.

I know most of you will probably be inclined to jump in all ‘Grr what?’ but that’s not my intention or even my concern and I certainly don’t need anyone rushing to my defence because frankly, whatever. Believe it, don’t believe it, I don’t care. I’d just rather people actually speak to ME if they have doubts or questions, because next thing you know there will be rumors all over the memes and I won’t even have been the one to start them…and we all know that’s NOT ON!

Seriously, I love all YOU people but sometimes, this fandom? GAH. 

Also, for anyone wanting to know exactly why I ripped up my Misha pic 18 months ago? Here’s the J2 one from that very same day that Mum kept, compared to our latest J2 one from Chicon. I think I actually took up most of the space behind Jensen last time, and he still has the dead-eyed fangirl stare he has in ALL his photo ops, but those guys look GOOD and we got smiles this time! 


Dude, I KNOW! (And come to think of it, I didn't actually eat anything last night as I passed out in a jet-legged haze. Whoops.) 

And I promise, my Chi Con report is coming, and very, very soon!
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