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I flock almost all of what I post. It's nothing personal.

Firstly, as there may be concepts, ideas or language that I'm not entirely comfortable with being seen by minors.
My field of employment means I have to maintain a professional demeanor, and while I'm happy to share pics and snippets with my flist, I don't want randoms getting in.

Also, I like to keep my flist small and I DON'T AUTOMATICALLY FRIEND BACK. If we're friends, we really ARE friends. But I AM happy to friend you back if we know each other from the Supernatural OR Whedon fandoms.

Please don't be crazy or even worse, a family member's sock puppet!
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Okay con report is coming, and soon, but I am not a person that can just write up ‘Yeah I went to Chicon, here’s the brief highlights, blah blah blah’. Even though I don’t take notes or record panels and I AM half deaf, I have a good recall for the context of what has been said. Usually I can even quote the specific words.

Seriously, my long-term memory is insane to the point where I'm always getting texts from family and friends to the effect of 'Do you know what gift I got my son's teacher last year?' and  'Do you remember  the name of the company that catered your cousin's wedding... 17 years ago?' and I always do. Which is kind of funny because I don't even remember what I even had for dinner last night, but can recall going to McDonald's with my Dad when I was 3. 

So, I was a bit taken aback by what someone said to me in Chicago a few days ago. And I umm-ed and aaggh-ed over whether to say anything on here about it- but here goes.

Take ur srs and shove it... )

And I promise, my Chi Con report is coming, and very, very soon!
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Today is the day Misha Collins runs as far as he can to raise money for his charity Random Acts.

As soon as I heard about what he was doing, I felt compelled to also do something in support. Anyone who read my AHBL2 con account knows why. So I resolved that I, too, would run on the day. For as long as I possibly could.

And then I spoke to a friend, and she made me realise that was actually a really stupid idea. I'm kinda uber competitive and determined, and likely would have done myself damage. Hobbling around the USA on crutches is no one's idea of a good time!

I thought about it and set myself a goal instead. To run/walk a progressive marathon over the course of the week. 42 kilometers in 7 days. Easy, right? 

And it turns out that, fired up by the Zombie Apocalypse soundtrack, YES, it actually was! So much so that I reached my goal yesterday and decided to do a bonus 8kms today. 

I covered 50 kilometers this week. I'm going to say that again because it makes me go like wot? FIFTY KILOMETRES. 

I'm 35 and always so very busy with work/life. I'm not a fitness fanatic and I'm still a long way off my goal weight. So I never would have thought I'd be capable of achieving it. When Misha does his run today, I hope he knows that we're all kind of running along beside him (and also in front of and behind him) in spirit. He's inspirational and I know that he's enriched my life and pushed me to do things I could never have dreamed were possible.

So, if you haven't pledged yet, or were waiting for Misha to do his run, can you please think about adding an extra 50 cents to your donation? It would mean the world to me and most importantly, benefit those who get a random act of kindness in a time of need. 

And run, Misha, RUN!
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Last weekend I headed off on my yearly jaunt to Supanova Con in Sydney. I guess the best way to describe it is as a mini San Diego Comic Con, but one which gets in about 16 000 people and not 10 or 20 times as many!

I was ridiculously excited as this year was ‘Whedonverse’ Year, with a particular emphasis on the chicks. So we got Eliza Dushku, Summer Glau, Charisma Carpenter and Dichen Lachman. And Mark Lutz snuck in there, too.

Pics and Stuff be here... )
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I has made sum-ping for your viewing pleasure!
I know the 'Downfall' meme has been done to death, and by people far more talented than me. (The SPN S5 Comic Con one springs to mind)
But I could not help myself.
I will be posting this to Mishaland tonight- I am just heading out the house now (Shopping! Sydney!) and really don't have time to dedicate to tagging and non losercasing, plus I would love your thoughts so I can do a final edit before I do put it up. Am I being too tough on the Wincest-ers?

Edited (twice!) because GAH embedding and cut  were not working. I'm such a n00b!


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