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I flock almost all of what I post. It's nothing personal.

Firstly, as there may be concepts, ideas or language that I'm not entirely comfortable with being seen by minors.
My field of employment means I have to maintain a professional demeanor, and while I'm happy to share pics and snippets with my flist, I don't want randoms getting in.

Also, I like to keep my flist small and I DON'T AUTOMATICALLY FRIEND BACK. If we're friends, we really ARE friends. But I AM happy to friend you back if we know each other from the Supernatural OR Whedon fandoms.

Please don't be crazy or even worse, a family member's sock puppet!
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Okay con report is coming, and soon, but I am not a person that can just write up ‘Yeah I went to Chicon, here’s the brief highlights, blah blah blah’. Even though I don’t take notes or record panels and I AM half deaf, I have a good recall for the context of what has been said. Usually I can even quote the specific words.

Seriously, my long-term memory is insane to the point where I'm always getting texts from family and friends to the effect of 'Do you know what gift I got my son's teacher last year?' and  'Do you remember  the name of the company that catered your cousin's wedding... 17 years ago?' and I always do. Which is kind of funny because I don't even remember what I even had for dinner last night, but can recall going to McDonald's with my Dad when I was 3. 

So, I was a bit taken aback by what someone said to me in Chicago a few days ago. And I umm-ed and aaggh-ed over whether to say anything on here about it- but here goes.

Take ur srs and shove it... )

And I promise, my Chi Con report is coming, and very, very soon!


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